Ahoova The Great!

Today was the day I have been both dreading and looking forward to. Today was my electro appointment. After last session, I knew I was going to have to come up with a pain relieving method, in order for Ahoova to zip around my neck.

I prepared a cocktail of meds, meaning my normal morning meds plus a triple bomb of Tylenol plus a kpin plus a purple pill.  I think this significantly relaxed me so that Ahoova could work faster.  And boy, did she ever!! Zoom Zoom around my next.  We stayed on the right side, so the left will look furry, while the right is going to be empty, showing only years of folliculitis and bad skin.  That is okay though, because once the hair is gone, and the inflammation wears down, my face will look good!  Well, a more even skin tone would be nice.  And now it is time to learn the basics of makeup. Foundation will be a big thing, in order to cover the shadow and beard stubble.

I realize that my cocktail may not work for other people, and I will try various combinations to get just the right one. I told Ahoova that, with a 15 minute break, I could have gone another hour!  But honestly, I can tell when my time is almost up because I start getting antsy.  It’s probably my ADHD (diagnosed multiple times) kicking in.  I can only stay still for so long before my legs start a’ twitchin’.

I wanted to drop Ahoova’s business website here if any other ladies or men or non binaries out there are looking for a credible electro to go to. Also, they are known for working with the trans community, and in particular, trans people of color. Follow the linky http://www.mecatlanta.com/

p.s. I had to pop back in here to say that I can’t wait for my next session, which is two weeks away.  I’m broke, so needs must. And even though I am swollen right now, tomorrow when I finally am able to shave, everyting’s gonna be alright!

p.p.s.(is that even right? Am I making shit up?) points go to Ahoova for calling  me Sofi without blinking an eye. Just kept up with normal conversation.  I will have to tell her how much I appreciated that gesture.misheals


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