MTF Hormones Resources

Once again, I found this on Marissa’s site. She lives in Canada, and this is from a Canadian company, but the information about HRT is perfect. It is something I’ve been wanting to add to my blog, but honestly, was too lazy to research and type it all out. So, here you go!

Oh, Marissa, if you read this – Thanks! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog!

Marissa in the Making

This is from the Vancouver Coastal Health, Transcend Transgender Support & Education Society and Canadian Rainbow Health Coalition but of course it’s fairly universal. I am by no means encouraging self medicating but this could still be useful just as a general information sheet.

A guide for MTFs

While there are some health risks involved with hormone therapy, it can have positive and important effects on trans people’s quality of life. Knowing what you can expect will help you work with your health care providers to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks.

The purpose of this booklet is to:

  • explain how hormones work
  • describe the changes to expect from MTF1 hormones, and outline risks and possible side effects
  • give you information about how to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks

We use “MTF” as shorthand for a spectrum that includes not just transsexuals, but anyone who was assigned male…

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