Damn Doctors

Let me preface that by saying my dad was a doctor.  He is retired now.  So, damn doctors!!!!   One of Dr. Tangpricha’s nurses called to reschedule my endo appointment today.  Eli tried to tell me that Dr. T will be out of town that day, as they are both attending the same event that weekend.  I called and confirmed my appointment right after leaving Eli.  All confirmed and ready to go, I just had my magic pill world shattered. Appointment canceled. Fuck.  The only consolation is that there may be an appointment available on the 10th.  But fuddruckers, that is the exact day we are moving.  I am so beyond pissed right now.   This is such bullshit.  And yeah, his next appointment after June is JANUARY.  GOD DAMMED JANUARY.  I’m not waiting until January.  I will find another endo before I wait until January. Sorry Eli, but if that ends our relationship, so be it.   (i may change my mind later but right now January is too far out).


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