Electrology with Hanna

Earlier this week I had my electro appt. This time it was with Hanna, Ahoova’s sister.   We didn’t seem to get as much done during the hour, than the previous hour.  I attribute that to me not being in the right mindframe to get zapped for an hour.  I am going to have to develop a better routine for the day of electro. Like a schedule to take aspirin and kpins and such. This is probably the easiest area to clear, and I am acting like a little baby, but come on. I challenge the guys out there to have a couple sessions of electro, or even you ladies out there who haven’t had the experience. Ouch!!  So, my next electro appt is in two weeks with Ahoova. This time I will be in a much better frame of mind so that we can get more hairs cleared.   I need to maximize the time I am paying for because the money will run out soonly…


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