First Visit With Dr. Tangpricha

My first visit with my new endo, Dr. Tangpricha was today. It went well, as to be expected.   Just a blood draw, some questions, and a prescription set up to start on Monday.  The most nerve-wrecking(sp) part of the trip was getting to Emory, where the doc practices.  Without the SO, I would have been a nervous spaz trying to get there.  As it worked out, we were about an hour early, so we even had time to kill.  I wasn’t going to dress because today was supposed to be moving day for us.  That got bumped until tomorrow, which allowed my some time to shower, put on some makeup, my fab black jeggings, a floral print top and my cherry docs.   I wouldn’t have dressed today if not for the move, so I am glad for this turn of events. All in all a pretty cool outfit, at least to my tastes.  The makeup is tres embarrassing, mostly because I have no idea what I’m doing.

Anyway, Dr. Tangpricha is a very nice man, with a kind voice.   He answered all my questions and we agreed that I will be starting on 50mg of spiro/day and 2mg estradiol/day.  Those numbers seem kind of low but we are just starting out and I have a feeling he is testing the waters with the dose. Edit*** Those numbers are definitely low doses.  May have to request that we up it after a blood test.***  Basically, these numbers should be doubled.  100-150mg spiro and 4mg estradiol. 2nd Edit*** I cannot believe I am arguing with this man!!!! What a moron am I. I will start with exactly what he wants me to start with, ya know.  We want to use the least amount of spiro as possible.

So, let the journey commence.  Baby steps, remember, baby steps.  Setbacks followed by forward momentum. Forward momentum followed by setbacks.   A long road ahead, and more than one path for me to take.  I must always remember that.

Before the fortunate turn in events that allowed my SO to accompany me today, one of my Friends was going to come along.  I want to that that person very deeply.  I think they knew how nervous I would be trying to get down there, so to have someone at the appointment with would have been gravy. Thanks again! You know who you are! Shout Out!!

Now, it’s time to get the makeup off, and strip off the jeggings. Time to get back to the process of moving.  And what a pain in the ass that is…


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