Four Days In…

and nothing exciting to report.  Four days into hrt (spiro 50mgs/estradiol 2mgs) and all I feel is a little loopy. It takes a lot to make me feel loopy, so let’s give it up for science or for the placebo effect!  Whichever one, I am happy that there have been no negative side effects thus far.

After doing some scouring through the interwebz, which is generally a bad idea when it pertains to medicine, I had to contact my endo to confirm that the dose wasn’t super low.  Doc explained it as giving me the hormones of a 30 year old woman.  I’m okay with that.  I don’t need any major changes to pop off right now. I need to keep doing the things and sticking to the plans that I put into motion a while ago.  Now, I just want some guidance.  Something showing me the correct way.  Full moon on Summer Solstice.  Could be a night for some deep meditation, if I can drop that far.

We are going to D.C. at the end of July.  We will be traveling by megabus, and I’m already feeling a bit iffy on this one. But whatever, as long as I don’t have bewbs and a beard and have to use the bathroom, me and SO should be okay.  Not for much longer, but hopefully through July.  Wow, that would be a shitty way to come out to errybody at the reunion. Or, actually, that might be the (pardon the expression) ballsy thing to do.  Just get it over in one fell swoop!

On the moving front, we are in to our new place. It is a step down from where we lived before. We are going to need a lot of TLC to make this space into a home, but I know that SO and I can make anyplace comfy!

Briefly, I wanna give a shout out (that’s right! my blog. my shout out!) to my Friend who was willing to step in for SO if SO wasn’t able to go to the endo with me. As it turned out, the movers had to switch days, freeing up time for SO to come along. I don’t get nervous for doc appointments (I’ve had so many) but the drive to a place that I am not familiar with really sucks.  Anyway, I’m lucky that I have someone who could have been with me at the endo! I feel more secure in knowing that I have some people around me willing to help out when needed. Okay, I prolly could have cut those last two sentences, which is telling me that it is time to say good morning, kind readers!  Enjoy your day at work!!!!wp-1465653166551.jpg


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