writing just to keep the juices flowing in between major and minor events.  Not a lot going on at the moment, transition-wise.  I am ready to change my name on Facebook.  Maybe by making a page for Sofia (Sophia?), it will spur me on to just scrapping Stuart’s page altogether. Nah, can’t do that. One of the things that people don’t realize is that is me talking on those fb posts. So, people have heard the opinions of Sophia. Now it is time to associate names. Nah, I hedge again. Still not ready to be that bold.  My FB page already has the tag “badly drawn girl” on it. Earlier tonight I almost added the name Sophia.  But I get ahead of myself. I know that there is some shit that we are going to have to deal with. So, the longer I can keep this under wraps, the better.

Yeah, life has a funny way of returning past favors with a side of viciousness thrown in for funzies!  There are things that both me and SO will have to take care of from the past. And it sucks, but it needs to happen now.

Another thought just popped in the old brain.  I will need to do a name change. I tried to change my last name after marrying SO and it was a pain in the ass. It was a pain in the ass that I was willing to go through until the talk of divorce was bandied about. But that is a story for another night.  This type of name change seems to me like public shaming or some shit like that. Well, let me back up a bit. I don’t really know the process, so I shouldn’t rail against it…yet! I am keeping my middle name in deference to my dad’s side of the family, although I’m not really sure what he or the rest of the fam will think about this.  I guess this will be yet another conversation. I could just bypass all the talk and do it then tell the ‘rents.  Nothing they can do at that point.  Well, they can disown me. I don’t see it happening, but I’m spoiled. I’m the first to admit it. My life has not been super-hard. My parents made sure we had everything we wanted and more. As a consequence, sometimes my actions were, well, pathetic.   But that was then.  I’m still a little spoiled, but having a shit load of mental issues and a botched surgery has stripped me of some of my finer luster. Don’t get me wrong – I still shine – just not as bright.  But back to the main point, and that is name change.  I’ve always liked long names so the change comes in handy.  I have 5 names! That’s right bitches. Hopefully, it will stand in court, and through the process.  The names are nothing bad.

Hey, look what time it is! 1:40AM.  That means QuizUp for me and more sleep for you foolywangs, hahahaha!   Y’all know I love ya!


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