Teavana Interview – Team Lead

Yesterday, I had an interview at Teavana for their team lead position. It pays squat.  I think I make more on unemployment than I would at Teavana.  And they are sales-driven, meaning they want you to gently push items to customers. I have no problem with that, as I love tea and everything about it. Even the teas that I don’t like the taste of I find interesting.

I interviewed with the the current GM and the soon-to-be GM.  Standard interview questions. Standard interview answers, although I was a bit over-enthusiastic. Look – the will probably suck, but Teavana is owned by Starbucks.  Starbucks has great benefits!  And great protections for trans people, at least I think that’s right. I’d better consult the Oracle after this post…

Can I stress just how badly this job may suck.  And honestly, because I don’t have much management experience, I may not even get the job.  Wouldn’t that suck, lol fml.

One last thing – I wore an awesome, but definitely female black, long drapey turtleneck thingy,  and some grey jeans that look like dress pants. Of course the docs came along for the interview.  I didn’t even bother to take out my septum ring, which ended up being a good move.  And since the shirt has short sleeves, my tattoos were out in all their glory.  So, the interviewers have to know, at least, that I am fond woman’s shirts, lol.

If I do get the call back, then I will have to interview with another GM. Another chance to bring Sophia out more to the front.  I didn’t have my nails painted, as I normally do. I blame that on the move.  SO is going to have to find the polish quickly!  I’m feeling my anxiety go through the roof hahahaha!

I will probably stick with the woman’s tops and guys bottoms for now.  Hahahahaa get your mind out the gutter, dear readers!  Until I get some ladies pants that are suitable for interviews and such. So much to do.

Well fuck me, I was going to say ta ta for now, as I’m off to brew a cuppa, buuutttt all our pans, including the kettle are still packed. We are waiting for the complex to fix the counter tops and drawers underneath. As a consequence, I am without tea. Drat. ttfn


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