Heidi The Heroic!

Electro is a pain. Like, really. I challenge anyone to go through an hour of electro. It is no fun.  Today was my bi weekly session.  I was a little upset with myself from last session, as I felt that I hadn’t adequately prepared myself for the hour of pain.

Today, I was ready.   A couple bong hits to start with. Some Tylenol, or some sort of pain reliever.  Then, a kpin.  I take one more kpin once inside the center. Sounds crazy, I know. I must be a weeny when it comes to certain kinds of pain.  Crohn’s pain = okay. Plucking hairs from my neck and jaw line \= okay.  Just no fun all around. EXCEPT, today, Heidi worked with me. This was our first time working together, but she has always been outgoing and kind to me!  I was a bit shocked that it was going to be her. I expected Ahoova again, but I get that she may be booked so I may be jostled between all of them.  Anyway, Heidi was so nice today, calming, and definitely concerned about my pain.  She got a lot done too.  I think that is because we both felt comfortable.  Like when you instantly know you are going to get along with someone. Well, that was the feeling I had with Heidi.

She did this dope-ass treatment at the end of the session. It cooled down the inflamed area, and smelled delicious!  I didn’t tip her, but I could definitely see this being a situation where a tip would be cool. We vibed really well.  So well that I am going to ask for Heidi on my next session. I want to see if her style is more suited to my pain level, or if I just got lucky today and prepared really well.

Either way, there is a nice patch of hair missing from the left side of my neck, near my jaw.  SO and I had father’s day dinner with my family tonight but no one recognized the swelling.  I had to show my sister. That’s how I know that I am safe for now. It’s when we get to the sides of the face that I am going to have come up with a more creative reason for the missing hair and swelling. Well, that’s not true at all. I DON’T have to come up with a reason. The reason  is the truth. I am tired of shaving. This will enable me to not have to shave EVER again. And that is happy happy joy joy!


Quickly, Heidi is the lady on the right, and she is totally awesome!misheals



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