Phish 2016/07/02 Saratoga Springs, NY – YouTube

The show from last night in Saratoga Springs, NY.  This has nothing to do with transition but since I’ve caught the Phish bug again, I wanted to post this show.  So, who among my many readers, will be the one to watch ALL THREE HOURS!  Hahahahahaha.   It is on in the background as I bang out these words, and Trey’s guitar is as sweet as ever.  Friend, I could pick out his guitar just about anywhere when he is soloing.

You know, I could probably relate this to transition. Let’s see: Trey had a drugs issue, but beat it and got clean. There has to be some transformation in order to beat a drugs addiction, and often, it has a  spiritual component to it. You know, so you have something bigger to lean on during the hard times, lol.  But seriously, a Phish show is like a religious convergence of like-minded people,  all worshiping at the altar of Trey’s guitar, followed be the rest of the band, bad asses in their own right.  So it is with transition, from the moth to the cocoon to the butterfly, transition, at least for me will probably be more jagged, hahahaa, but transformational, nonetheless; as seeing a Phish show is. So I’ve babbled enough. Click play, and enjoy the music and great vibes.



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