Heidi The Heroic (again)

Hahahahahehehehe I guess I freak out about the smallest things when it comes to electro. It is expensive as fuck and it takes forever.  SO was commenting on the progress, and SO is right. It does feel a bit slow going.  Heidi promises me that the area we are working on is one of the more sensitive areas, so I’m okay with the speed she is going. Honestly, I’m not sure going much faster would be more productive.

Heidi was running a bit late yesterday, and was kind enough to text me to let me know.   So I chilled at the apt. a while longer before leaving for the appt.  I took a cocktail of kpins/tylenol/advil/dabvil in order to calm my nerves and start to block those pain receptors. Idk if hat is actually what I am doing, but along with deep breathing, I can’t see another way.  Honestly, this is brutal! One particularly stubborn hair hurt so badly all I could do was laugh hysterically. Heidi probably thought something was mental with me and was surprised it didn’t go in the other direction of tears. Now, I have no problem crying, as I tend to well up on the low pretty easily and often.  But this one stubborn hair, and it was stupid painful, so I howled and laughed as hard as I have laughed in a loooooonnnnnnggggg time.  It was such a release, and damn cathartic!

At the end of the session, I get a reward!  Kind of like a cookie, but for my face.  It is a thing called cataphoresis.  Not really too sure about it, as I didn’t do any research. All I know is that I have to hold a metal piece, to keep grounded; then, she lays these cool, fresh strips of wet papery stuff.  AAAHHHH!!!!  Feels so good. It is amazing!  Cols the skin, and helps with swelling.  One other thing she did on a zit I have is use high frequency something or other to clean it out. I could feel zips and zaps in the zit itself. Heidi is so awesome.  I think what she is doing calls for a tip.  I either need to straight up ask her, or find the answer another way, but this should happen sooner rather than later.  TTFN!


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