Quick Update #?

Really quickly while I’m waiting for guests to come by for a few hours – the SO has taken to calling me SoSo. And just like that, I have another nickname, lol. Love it!! She has been training Sibi to come to me when hears SoSo. Pretty cool, huh?!?

These last few days have been a mixture of great mood and intestinal pain.  Without the pain, I am in excellent spirits. Like, maybe I should be worried spirits. But I am fully compliant on my meds so no, that’s not it.  Could it be the magic beans are indeed magic, after all the moaning of my last post (or two posts ago)????!!!??!!  We shall see as the days come.  I may have to start charting how I’m feeling. Maybe that will give me a better idea. All I can tell you right now is that there are periods where I feel queasy, like I’m about to puke. Along with that are sweats, shakes and light-headedness; but – NOT ALL THE TIME!!  There is the pain, and not baby pain.  Full grown kid pain, hahahaha. But seriously…but not all the time. There are times with no pain, and the magic of the beans comes through in full giddy fervor. So, we, meaning I, will keep an open eye on this situation.  ttfn.


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