Untitled, Unmastered 1.5

So my gloomy day turned out to not be so gloomy at all.  Lots of love from friends. Lots of Facebook love, which is gratifying. That is sad but true.  Lots of love from my terribly sick SO, who is quarantined, and not allowed to be super close to me with my weakened immune system.  Love from Heidi.  We had a great session of electro today; next was the gastro and that was great love too.  Went to the parents house early to avoid traffic and charge the Leaf.  Hung out with mama and dad for a bit, then we went to a restaurant and met the rest of the fam, minus the sick SO.

Had some good food and great laughs/conversations, as always. The Burton fam can get kind of rowdy but everyone was in check. It was a controlled rowdiness tonight, lulz. Anyway, my sis is a selfie taking genius and she caught a great shot of me and my sisters.  This may be one of the last photos of us together like this. Or maybe not, depending…

Oh, really quickly – I’ll also attach a pick that a Friend made for me today! It’s pretty rad, and I’m using it as my profile pic atm. We’ll see if people put it together, yeah?


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