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The vacation in D.C. is over. It was an excellent trip minus the 100 degree temps every day! Not even joking, it was soooooo hot!  I did dress one night out on the town. Very chill and no problems, even though I drew more than a few stares, lol!  That is par for the course anyway, so I wasn’t too put off. Our hostess was wunderbar! She is an old friend and lives in town, centrally. That was perfect for the SO and I. We ubered and metroed ourselves to and from monuments and other things. Went to a market selling hella peaches. I love peaches. So does SO. So we each got one; it was delicious. Plump and juicy, it definitely satisfied a craving on a hot DC morning!  There is so much more from the trip.  Maybe I will just write about it as it comes to mind. What that means for you, dear reader, is that you may have to put the pieces of the story together yourselves. Or not. Take them as they are. Anyway, onto another topic: my birthday!

Yep, today is birthday number 43.  I can’t say my life is in a great place atm. It’s not. But what can you do? Gotta grin and make the most out of shite.  I have to put the blame squarely on the combo manic/crohn’s/GD episodes that popped off at the same time last year. I wasn’t hospitalized, thankfully. I spent a shit load of money and did a lot of drugs, as per usual when a manic episode comes about. I was sloppy at work.  Crap, I shouldn’t have been working at all. But when you are part of a team, you begin to feel like you are letting them down by missing a MONTH consecutively (which I should have done). Instead of letting the team down, I came back early, and not in the right frame of mind to work. I pushed through, but I was sloppy. I knew I was and I knew it was going to catch up to me. It did in the form of a product loss.  A grocery store that my previous company monitors had an alarm go off. I addressed the issue, but transposed the notes. I closed the ticket when I should have called it out for service. You can see where this is going. Ice Cream goes bad, as well as other product.  I had two of these in a two month period. This is when I was sick. So fuck it. I cannot take the blame for this. I went and found a doc as soon as we found that I was losing my marbles again.  Damn, I’m fucking pissed just thinking about it now. Whateves!!

All of that to say, currently, I don’t have a job and it is reaching crisis point. I need to step it up, but damn, how much more.  I have to think about companies that are going to support my transition. Or I am going to have to get a succession of shitty jobs until I fully transition. Then I need to get another job. But fuque, this could take fuqueing years!!!!  You know, stress is not good for me. Not the normal stress…finish thought later.

One of my friends sent me this kick ass pic of him from the nineties, holding a card that says ‘Happy Birthday Sophia”.  I thought that was sweet and cool and kick ass, so I had him post it on FB. Yup. So, I am leaving no doubt. Now, if  motherpluckers can’t put 1 and 1 together to get 2, welp that is not my fault. I don’t think I need to make a big announcement or anything. That’s not my style anyway. Nope, what I would do is use that pic as a profile pic for 24 hours. Yeah, that’s fun.  Thanks Friend!!!  for the little push I needed to introduce FB proper to me. Of course, in closed groups, I am free to post away and speak under the voice of  Sophia. So that’s definitely a good! I hope.

The SO is still around, as are my friends.  I shouldn’t sound so dour, so dire. It’s not like that…yet.  I did start transition by the year I set nearly 6 years ago, so that’s a good and a win!

Quickly, then I must go.  I must be a masochist because I scheduled an electro and a gastro appointment today.  I also had to renew my tag.  I paid a fucking gas tax of 200$ because I have a zero emission car i.e. I don’t have to pay into the gas companies bullshit system.  This shows how deep the oil industry is in politics and government. Fuck em!

Okay, I’ve purged for the moment.  I will definitely try to get snippets of vacay up soon.  Hopefully, they won’t slip the mind anytime soon.  Right now, I get to go to birthday dinner with the parents.  We are going to a gourmet burger joint.  Should be interesting.


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