Untitled, Unmastered 2

You know, I have never thought about how travel is not for the feint at heart. I myself would make an absolutely horrible solo traveler.  My anxiety would shoot through the roof because I would be the one to get lost and murdered.  See how positive I am?  Where did this fucking anxiety come from.  When I was younger, and therefore more stupid, I traveled with a friend to Europe; specifically the Benelux countries.  It was wonderful, except some overt racism when I was by myself in France. France of all places.  Germany had kids showing my basketball cards of Scotty Pippen, but they were nice about it, lol.  Not a pain in my ass like in France.

This last trip wasn’t bad until we got into DC. Without Egg I would have been lost. I think my diseases have colluded to make my anxiety override any common sense I used to have.True, it was smart to dress in drag on the bus ride. TBH, I wouldn’t feel safe on that bus at all in SoSo’s  clothes. Something about me not making it to my final destination. But that isn’t true either. If I were to reserve a seat then stay on the bus or stay with people. But by myself, I just don’t know. I wonder if this is what all women feel all the time while traveling. It takes a strong woman to travel alone, I gather. Hell, it takes a strong woman to do most things. I better beef up, hahaha. Srsly.


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