Makeup Practice

Yeah, I’m trying to get my makeup on.  I definitely need to practice. Damn, I still don’t have the correct foundation, nor do I have beard coverup colors.  But damn, good makeup is expensive.  I guess you get what you pay for regarding makeup.

I’ve been trying to get SO to help, but she has been poorly for the last week and it would do no good to have her breathing on me while trying to instruct me.  Left to my own devices, what you see is what you get.  I’m definitely going to have to shave better and I need better razors.  The end of electrolysis is nowhere in sight.  Which means I am going to need to at least have better than a working knowledge. There is going to come a time where I am going to need to where makeup while out, so I better keep on practicing.

Also, because of the major brokeness of my purse, I haven’t been able to buy clothes.  I think I need to hit up the Goodwill, know what I mean?I’ve got to be able to find something. I know of a Goodwill that is nearby, and it seems pretty big. I’ve only been shopping in the ladies dept once, and that was with SO. I definitely had the ladies giving me the slimy side eye, but I just kept flitting from one rack to the other, minding my own business and trying to find some damn clothes. I walked out with some clothes but they are kind of cheap. Anyway, soon I am going to need work clothes and shite like that.  Holy hell.  Work clothes. Le sigh…

Below are some of the snaps from today’s makeup session.  The color is definitely off. Drat. Welp, not too bad for a minor makeup monster.


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