T Levels

I just popped onto my hospitals hub so I could read my test results from the bloodwork that Doc took.  Of course, I am low in some things, notably, the iron categories. A surprising category in which I was low was my testosterone count. It was at 231 ng/dL. Normal male ranges from 270 and up.  Now, the normal range came from the interwebz, so it’s got to be true, right?

Either way, I am definitely ready to up the spiro and estradiol. I want to knock that T level into female range, and I don’t think my doses are doing that. I am not the doc so I can’t be sure.  It just doesn’t feel like any super changes.  Maybe I will ask SO to see if she’s noticed anything different. Because I don’t think I have. Wait. Strike that. My hair seems to be coming back more slowly after a shave.  At any rate, I think the beans need to be raised.  We’ll see, but October is a long ways away.  That’s my next appointment with Dr. Tangpricha. Come on doc, whaddya say? Up the beans! Up the beans!! Lol, but srsly. TTFN.


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