Waiting For Tomorrow

I have an interview tomorrow with Comcast,  for a position I do not really want. I need the job though,  so positivity is a good thing.  I just had someone call for insurance sales in a town that was a good clip from me. The job was definitely not my kind of job,  and I don’t feel bad about declining.

Any who,  here is a pic of today’s makeup sesh.  SO is right in that I’m hiding in the light.  My work looks better like that.  Maybe next time I will take some different angles some you can catch glimpse of a young makeup mistress perfecting her craft!

As for the interview, Stuart comes out to play for a bit. hmmm…nothing so horrible. My voice hasn’t changed so that it is hard to switch between m and f register.  I tend to talk lower in interviews and such. Guess that deep voice counts for something.  Okay, gotta go. More later!



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