Low Dose HRT

I really do believe my endo has started me on a low dose hrt plan. I am not 100% why but I have an idea: bipolar disorder and crohn’s disease. These two issues may have caused the endo to start slow while getting needed blood for testing. It’s not like he said the blood tests would have to be first, then start. He gave me a starting does at the same time of taking the blood, only requesting that I wait a couple days to start the magic beans.

I had all these concerns about big tits and curves all over the place. Soft skin and everything else. What else should I have expected with therapissy preparing me for the worst(best) (well maybe not). he kept telling me of stories quick success. Well, that hasn’t happened. Hell I don’t know what has happened. One thing, the dysphoria has kind of disappeared and that is a great thing.  I am on the path. It is my path, and I have to keep reminding myself that. You know, I may not get all the surgeries. Hell, I may not get any surgeries.  I had a bad surgery experience in 2007 where I almost died. I am not looking for a repeat experience.

But I do want to up the magic beans dosages.  I don’t think things are going to pop off for me like therapissy thought possible.  And speaking of therapissy…I haven’t spoken with him in almost two months. I think I might have to schedule an appointment, but damn SoSo is so so broke at the moment.  Hopefully, that will change soon. I had an interview on Tuesday, so I should hear something shortly.  I was told that the background checks could take a bit but the company would get back with me either way. I have been submitting resumes left and right with few nibbles of the kibble.  So, in retrospect, it is probably better that things aren’t popping off just yet.   More patience on my part is needed. Testosterone had 42 years to do what it’s done to me.  And even though  my T levels were low, they weren’t so low that I can say I was in female levels.

I have to stop writing now. I have a feeling that this is going to be one of the more scattered posts I’ve posted. Not sure why. Guess my mind is not clear.  I need a job and money.   That is stressing me out.  Need to concentrate, work harder, and take all my meds so I don’t lose myself in the stress.

Quickly, any ladies out there on hrt and want to send my your doses as a comparison, I would welcome that. I really do think my endo has started me rather low. TTFN!


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