Work Rebooted

After missing my first full day of work, due to a snafu in my brain, I rebooted work and started again yesterday.  Well, this was my second day on the reboot. One thing about retail: it kind of sucks.  Long hours on my feet may not bode well for my Crohn’s.  But the job is part time so, not too much time standing up.

I did get the Comcast job, which is outbound telesales, and something I have never done before.  The money is about the same as B&N , but I have the opportunity to get commission. Not sure how that is laid out.

The one sour note on both of the jobs is that I am wearing male clothing.  What I would give to be able to switch back and forth on any given day.   You know, if I felt more male (and on those days around electro where I have a beard) I could where male clothing, while the other days I’m stunting in my regular clothing.  Speaking of which – I am going to have to start purchasing clothing again for the upcoming fall season.  I have some clothes BUT IT IS NEVER ENOUGH!! hahahaha.

One more thing: I am thinking about a gofundme campaign to try and raise some money for electro.  If not, then I will have this beard until I die or hit the lottery.  Since I don’t actually play the lottery that only leaves one choice.  IDK  teh trans is a stressful thing.  And fucking expensive.

Welp, that’s it for this installment.  I am still taking my magic beans, although I haven’t really noticed any physical changes.  The mental, however, is noticeable. I am not experiencing the anxiety and somewhat depressive feelings  that accompanys teh trans.  So that is good, at least. Patience grasshopper.  You shall soon see the signs.


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