Quick After Work Thought

I think that I may have found a way to curb my dysphoria concerning work.  Some clothing underneath clothing is an option. An hot option, but one nonetheless. I could wear a cami under my button down shirt, collared shirt, which is required wear (for guys only, I assume.) at B&N.

Another thing:  lipstick.  Not a crazy red or dark plum, but a sheer gloss with a pop of pinkish color.  I used it all day, and it was a personal reminder that transition is a marathon and not a sprint.


BREAK————>  SO just barged in and explained that one of my previous posts wasn’t entirely accurate.  I will take her at her word, but don’t believe the hype!  Case closed.

back to this post.  Before I left work (why couldn’t I have been a trust fund baby witha heart of gold?) I bought a Godiva chocolate bar and made sure to mention that it was for my significant other.  No reason except to queer up my light a bit, lmao!  Smart move, don’t cha think. You betcha!


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