Rainbow Argyle Socks | Pride Socks

via Rainbow Argyle Socks | Pride Socks

I really want a pair of these Argyle socks.   hahahaha they are awesome.


In addition:  I am this close (holding my fingers together very closely. Trust.) to outing myself to management.  I don’t know what they will say.  I’m not sure what they can say, but I do live in an “At Will” state, which means that  I can be fired for any reason, any time.  I don’t know if gender-related issues qualify, as they are protected by our government. I do know, though, that a tiny mistake could send me packing, especially after missing my second day of work.  It was an accident, I swear.  Maybe I should wait to speak with therapissy. My next appointment is Sept 19, sp maybe I can hold out until then.  Who knows?  We shall see if anything interesting happens today.  I doubt it.  I need to accumulate some money, so I should back off for the time being.  Good thought.  WOW!!  That is how quickly dysphoria can work its way into ones thoughts and guide ones actions.  I tried on some clothes that the SO was kind enough to pass my way and now I wanna come out at work, lol.  Some beeshee.  Anyway, it’s the witching hour, for me anyway.  See you soon.


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