Hair Woes

I really don’t know what to do with my hair. SO wants me to let it grow.  I’m sure that after a few years of growth, I would be happy too; damn, though- a few years?  YEARS?!?  I have done it before, so I know I can do it. I can have it corn rowed or some style like that (two long braids like my Mama Jenny.  Her two long braids were past her butt.) but what I really want are coils.  There is a girl a work with coils and they look snappy and snazzy!

The other option is to cut my hair completely and rock it bald or short.  I also would have the option of buying wigs.

With longer hair I guess I could get a weave and let my hair continue to grow. I don’t know. The one thing I do know is that I am not comfortable in barber or beauty shops.  Where I used to get my hair braided, it was always hot. And if I had an appointment at 1:00, fuck it might not start until 2:00.  But the ladies were nice and didn’t make much conversation.  If I could just find someone who is used to working with trans people.  I guess it’s networking and stuff. Word of mouth.  I just hate going into beauty shops.  Always have, probably always will. Same goes for barber shops.  I have been cutting my hair for a long time, but I am not skilled enough for weaves, corn rows, or any other braiding specialty.  And let’s get down to the actual truth behind all these words.  Maybe I’m scared to go into a beauty shop full of women and ask for a women’s type of do up. The last time I went to a shop to try to get my hair locked, it was all women and I felt like elephant in the room (aside from the fact that I WAS as BIG as an elephant then).  It seemed like all conversation stopped and everyone laser focused on me.  Now, I know this can’t be true (can it?) but damn, it certainly felt close to it.

I still am in the growth stage, but might get it rowed up for a bit.  I have to watch out for dandruff though, and I am tender-headed as fuque, hahahaha. Ouch!   Oh well, I will attach a couple of pics to show my hair growth.  It has been growing since April. I’m not sure if one would call my hair a fast grower or not?!? SO seems to think it grows slowly.  Maybe some vitamins would help?  IDK I just hate the in-between stage. This has always played a part in my chopping it off.  So this time I will just hold off until next April,  and we will see where we are.  Pics below.


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