Therapissy Appointment

After what seems like months and months, I’m going back to see my therapissy.  I’m happy because there is a lot to discuss, and even though I promised myself that I would do this, I did not.  I didn’t write down my questions.  So my mind is swimming with stuff I want to talk about.  Anyway, I will report more about the session later.  I did capture a pic of the outfit I am wearing.  I think it is cute, and others have to me so, as well.  SO actually told me to wear the leggings.  Such great advice.  Anyway, pic below. I have to run – well, drive, but you know what I mean!

Edit:  I don’t have sweat stains!!  That is my janky camera!! It has a spot on it that shows up in all of my pics now!  I need another camera! lol



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