Funny Thing

Yesterday, I went over to my parents house.  It’s always great to see them and shoot the shit.  Only problem – I’m not out to them yet.   But my style of dress leads to questions being asked on the regular. Why the septum piercing?  Why all the tattoos?  Why the fingernail paint?  And now, why the girly bracelets?  What’s next? A Skirt? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  I had to turn away really quickly so that my facial expression didn’t give me away.  I don’t have a great poker face, so when mom brought up the skirt bit, I nearly spit the water out that I was drinking.

I have a feeling that my mom is closer than my dad to figuring all of this out. Now, idk if it is because she has had more coaching from her friend on FB or if she is really that astute.  I am sure she is putting something together, I’m just not sure what…


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