Over It

I am over it. All the bullshit, all the glad handing (figuratively), all the smiling.  I despise being on my feet all day. I’m sorry, I’ve grown accustomed to the office environment, where one sits on ones ass for most of the day.  I did get the job with Comcast, which is sitting down.  The drawback: It’s telesales.  I can’t sell water to a thirsty person. So we’ll see how long I last there.  I need a full time job that I can go full time as myself, ya dig.

Don’t get me wrong. I love bookstores. I love being in the bookstore, surrounded by my friends, the books.  But I hate planograms, and projects, and all the other shit.  Some of my managers were saying that there is a kids lead position open, but there is no chance in hell that I would ever take that position.  Being around kids all day is not for me.  Love them, but definitely need major breaks from them.  Basically, all this bitching means that I am not going to throw my hat in the ring for that position.  Put me in music, or at customer service.  That’s where I really feel like I can help customers. they come up to the customer service desk, and I wow them with great service.  That’s how it should be, and I don’t mind the hard work that comes with it.  But show me a planogram, and my mind is all scattered about.  My mind is all mushy now, and I haven’t had anything to eat. I am very hangry but I am also stupid tired.  Intsead of food, I’ll just go to bed.


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