HRT Update

HRT Update – not really much to update.  Well, some stuff.  The requisite lowering of the sex drive has hit. Another thing that has developed is my sensitivity to violence. So, watching tv shows like Criminal Minds is out.  I can still watch Buffy; I don’t know about anything else.  And I won’t say that this is a solid, hard, fast rule forever. But now, I just can’t take watching it on tv.  Eli seems to believe that the magic beans are at work. I’m not so sure. Either way, it’s worth noting.

As far as breast growth – nope.

As far as skin softening – maybe a tiny amount. Will check with SO.

As far as fat redistro –  still a bit early for all of that;)

As far as hair growth – hair growth is sllllooooowww, which is pretty awsesome sauce!  I wish that extended to my face, though.   Maybe my shadow takes a little bit longer to show, but that is it. And that may be a mind game. Who knows, lol?!?

My next endo appointment is Oct 21, and I can’t wait to speak with Dr. Tangpricha. As I expressed to Eli, I felt a bit rushed and put off on our last meeting. He was headed to Amsterdam the day of my last appointment, so maybe this one will be different.  I will be more forceful, as I need some answers. I guess I should make a list of questions or some flash cards or some psychological device, eh? I need to bust up in there with some confidence, or make sure that SO is with me, hahahahahaha!!!

That is all for the hrt update, folks!


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