End Of The Month

Welp, another month has come and gone.  I still haven’t found the the holy grail of hormone changes.  That’s okay, I’ve got another appointment with Dr. Tangpricha at the end of October (21st,  21 days from today).  I’m excited to see him again.  This time I will be a little more forceful. Well, forceful is not the right word.  More like, hmmm….insistent.  Yeah that’s good.  I will be more insistent of his time with me.  I think that because he was off to Amsterdam that same day, that maybe he was preoccupied.  And the fact that I didn’t have a lot of questions, he just throough some ‘mones at me and drew some blood.  Well, this time, I have some questions.  Anyway, this is just a brief update for the end of the month. More will be coming in October.   TTFN!!!


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