Non Binary Trans Woman?

Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. I know, I know, this is such a departure from my normal lifestyle, hahahaha.  But I’m trying to figure out where I fit on the Trans spectrum.  In the end, it is a futile experiment, and not one that I should put much weight upon.  As humans; however, we like to put things into categories.  I am one of those humans and I want to know where I fit it.  Notice I didn’t write that I Need to know.  At the end of the day, I am trans, and a woman.

All this darn thinking is happening while waiting for my next endo appointment. Then things might kick into high gear, as far as hormones go.  So what’s with all this wanting to categorize?  I am reading I Am Jazz by Jazz Jennings, and honestly, it’s pretty inspiring.  Such a young girl, and she has been advocating for trans rights since she was 5 or 6. Crazy, right?!? Anyway, I don’t know about non binary trans woman, but it sounds somewhere near where my head is right now.  Or something like androgynous trans woman?  Or trans woman in hiding, since I’m not out at either job yet, for all practical purposes.

Let’s break it down, quickly, as I have to go to work.  Nevermind.  Like I said above, it’s a futile process.  I am me.  I am trans. I am a woman.  So my brain tells me.  I am all of these things, in addition to so many more things…

Okay, I have to go to work. TTFN!


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