Another Quick Update

While waiting for the 21st to arrive so that I can see Dr. Tangpricha, I thought I’d have a quick update.

I’ve gotten comfortable (well, a little , at least) wearing my old guy button-downs again, while wearing camis and and panties underneath.  I wish that I had gone full time BEFORE my job started.  I had a good window of approximately 4 months. But I didn’t wnat to go full time without some effects of hrt and some further inroads on the electro front.

So, now, I am being called Morgan Freeman in training class, which is not bad. What that means,however, is that people see me as a guy. Not as an effeminate guy, either. Just a guy.  The SO tried to help by saying some girls look like their fathers, and that is true.

But damn, going full time is going to present some obstacles.  I’ve worn women’s pants to work before, but I have to keep tugging at them to keep them up (no belt loops or pockets) and only wear them with button-down shirts. The look is a little strange, I’ll admit, but nobody seemed to notice, and if they did, nothing was said.

So, that’s it for now.  Still no major changes, accepting the fact that I know I’m on the road, with hrt.  I’m thinking about increasing the dose myself just for the next couple of weeks.  Some in the morning, some at night.  I still get unwanted erections, and that can be mighty embarrassing while wearing soul-hugging women’s pants! lmao!!  Welp, that’s all I got folks! Until next time, buh-bye!


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