HRT Update

The SO asked for an hrt update today, so I figured I’d update the blog too.  After bumping up in dosage amount, and for the first few days, I felt some tingling, light-headedness(?) , and felt or heard a buzzing feeling or noise. I felt high some of the time, too. Now, not so much. I guess my body adjusted to the new dose pretty quickly. It is still a low dose, so there is room to improve. I realize that my endo is being careful because I also have bipolar disorder and Crohn’s disease, and he doesn’t want to set me off. I understand, but I’m like let’s go a little bigger first, then drop if we need to.  Anyway, I might try an experiment.  I might up my dose of spiro for a couple days to see if I notice any difference. Maybe I will up the estradiol too.  But really, I know that I am not a doctor, so I won’t mess around too much. Just a smidge, I promise.It’s generally to check some things on my end. Anyway, that’s the hrt update. Still a disappointing bunch of nothing to note..


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