Recent Bloodwork

Well fuque me!! Most of my blood work looks good, but this damn testosterone is a beast! I’m trying to tame this monstre, you know. But with this round of blood work, my t levels are stupid high, and squarely landed in male level. My levels on my last test were lower than this round. FML. Dose had to be upped, but now I know that there is room to go up even more in 3 months, I will probably stop my experiment, and try to concentrate on other things, like my voice.  That’s another story though, and one that deserves its own post. So later, mmkay??  Back to my soaring t levels, I emailed my endo immediately (well, after holding back for a day or two) and just received a response back today; the jist being he knows wtf is going on and that is why the dose was raised lmao!!! At least, he said that in a very nice way. And he really is a nice guy, so I’m sure it is sincere!  I certainly hope that my t levels drop a lot, but I don’t think they will.  We’ll see…I’m pretty sure that I will need a bump up for some true effects.


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