I think I am having a minor crises. Since the hrt hasn’t been effective in knocking my t levels down, I am right back where I was in the beginning. And this raised dosage doesn’t seem to bringing on the magic either, which is really upsetting. I am not talking myself out of the fact that I am trans. What I keep thinking is    is there a way to get by without transitioning??  I know, I know – once you stop transitioning the dysphoria comes right back.

You know, I have been getting compliments on my “look” recently.  I can’t tell whether people are responding to the dope ass female fashion side of me (lol) or whether a guy striding close to the line of femininity. Either way, the compliments are affirming, whether THEY know it or not, hahahaha!!!  What I am trying to do is move to a more androgynous dress for most of the time. Ease into the transition.

Hopping onto another topic really quickly: work. Specifically Comcast. I feel like I am really going to test their gender inclusive policies, hahahaaha.  I am not looking forward to it.  Everybody knows me as SoSo, so that is all good, but damn, all they will see is a guy with bushy hair. Shit…


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