Calmed Down A Bit

I realize that my last few posts have been somewhat down or negative or melancholy or whatever. I think that I have finally come out of that funk.  My mood has been generally up, which is a good thing. But I am taking my meds, so the bipolar is under control.  I think the hrt is peeking through, at least in terms of moods.  I can be calm when I need to be, and hype when I want to be, so from this perspective, hrt is doing its’ job.

I have, however, read on various forums and stuff about people experiencing a myriad of changes, both emotionally and physically, during the first few months on the magic beans.  I am in month 5 with no physical changes to speak of, but that is okay.  Acceptance.  that is where I am now.  HRT may take a while to start knocking down the T for me. All the other feelings and such will come.  It may be more subtle, or it may knock me over the head in month 9, who knows?!?!

Anyway, I seem to have entered a zen-like approach to acceptance, and that seems to make me less melancholy.  I like that.  I hope y’all do too!!  The only thing that seems to suffer when everything starts going really well for me is my writing slows to a crawl.  I blame the bipolar meds, as I like writing when I have a bit of fire under me.  Mining for gold while on meds is like pulling teeth.  And I don’t know if pulling teeth is hard, but you know what I’m talking about, right?  A bientot!.


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