Something that just – and I mean just – dawned on me. Let me start by saying that usually I am one of the sharper tacks in the box. I guess that doesn’t apply when I try to apply that logic to my own internal workings.

All this woe is me stuff that I have been feeling recently is – DYSPHORIA!!  Evil dysphoria is like prednisone, lol, both create this world wind of havoc in one’s life.

So, over the past few months, while my t levels have been steadily rising, all those doubts and fears crept back in. And they continue to, but only as an uninvited guest.  This newfound realization, though, could set me back on the transition path, at least in my head.  It is a long and winding path, transition.  It doesn’t need to be done in 2 years, as was the standard in the past.  And I get to say when I have completed this stage of my transition. And it is up to me and only me if I choose to push even further forward, although at this time my empty purse is holding me back.  Hopefully, I will have time to complete my transition, satisfactorily to me!!!


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