While today is TDoR, and it can be a sad and trying time for a lot of people, today has been different for me, so far.

Me and the SO are having our crew over for some festivities.  It won’t be anything too crazy, as people have things to do.

But for a few hours, I will be surrounded by my friends, my 2nd family, and on this dark day, a light shows itself in the distance…

So, while I silently mourn for people, none of which I knew personally, I have a sense of hope that my name will not be read at one of these vigils.  Hope is a great thing, and not one I’m used to.

One last thing:  B&N had the holiday meeting this morning at 6AM!!! Damn it was cold!!!  But I did wear a cute outfit. I need a floor length mirror so I can take a full body shot.   Until then, this pic will have to do.


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