Irony is…

You know, I have been getting more and more complements(?) since I have started my transition.  And I don’t know if these people are responding my budding femininity or they think think I am some guy with a good sense of fashion. I’ve never thought of myself and great fashion in the same sentence or paragraph!

And yet, here we are! The kudos have been rolling in left and right in the recent months.  I know there haven’t been any physical changes based on my woeful t levels last go-around. This can only lead me to believe that they are responding to a male persona.  I am good at inhabiting my old self. I can slip back in without a problem, which is to say that maybe I haven’t really done anything other than swallow some pills.  I’ve had some hours of electro, but not enough to show through.  I don’t use make up much —–but i’ve got to remind myself that this is not a race. I would love to be able to finish electro and give some serious thought to and orchie, but all that costs a ton of money that I will likely never have. So, I will have to make do with what I have. I can work on my voice. I probably should. Maybe there are things I can do to help move the timeline up.  But no!  I like how it is progressing. Of course, I would love a stronger response from hrt but I know that all that will happen over a period of years.

I am not one of those girls who eats the beans and gets the magic immediately. But it’s coming. I know it is

We are going to a function Dec 3 where I will be dressed and being with peeps like me!  Awesome sauce!!!

Anyway, this whole new noticing of my style has me a bit embarrassed, but also a bit smiley, you know!? I am out at B&N but still dress as guy because I am not fully out. Not out at all at Comcast, although I have been getting kinds words about my style from folks there too.  I can only know determine that people are responding to me as a guy. I haven’t given them much reason not too.  And most people aren’t as perceptive as I THINK I am! It’s gonna take a full on smack in the face with Sophia for them to know!!!


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