DreadLock Journey Day 1

So, I’ve wanted locs for the longest  time. Yesterday, I took what I consider to be the last attempt at getting my hair to lock up. I have combination hair and every time I have tried, the baby locs have dissolved and refused to stay.

In order to take care of this, I’ve decided to get loc extensions. Yep, so my hair is twisted up into extension.  The idea is that the hair will be able to lock under the careful eyes of a loctician and extensions.

Either way, it is a different hairstyle for a while, and if it doesn’t work, no harm nor foul. i mean, it was expensive,  but I think it is was money well spent.  Once the extensions loosen up a bit, it will look dope.  Right now, I look a bit like Edward Scissorhands, lol!!

Pics below.


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