Mid Month Update

It’s the middle of Dec, and the yuletide season is underway!  For many of my trans brothers and sisters, this can be a rough time of the year.  It is a time, traditionally, to spend with family, friends, and make merry.  But what happens to the people who have been disowned by their family?  I can only imagine, and thankfully, I have not had to go through this yet.

Even though I am older, and haven’t lived with my parents for a very long time, I still value what they think.  I don’t want to be disowned.  Who does?  Certain off-hand comments made by my mom, either directly or indirectly, lead to her her either knowing SOMETHING is going on with me, and just having general suspicions.

Still, I have a feeling that this is going to hurt my parents beyond words. My dad, specifically, will have a hard time.  It is coming up on time to tell them though.  It is too hard hiding something this big from them.  Especially once hrt really kicks in!

Anyway, I guess I’m thankful for still having the SO by my side!  I know that we make a formidable team, and I hope she will be by my side until our dying days.  She will be able to help my ‘rents see the light, maybe, lol!

I wish yuletide blessings and a magickal winter solstice to all my sisters and brothers.  Stay safe, stay warm, and try to hold on if you are having a hard time.  The holidays will be over soon…


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