Disclosure #?

I am a firm believer that all good things will happen in time.  I am not crazy enough, however, to believe that these good things will just happen.  You have to put in some work too.

Last night while working at B&N,  I was talking about my tatts, and to my surprise, someone (a very nice someone) asked me about the colors in on of my works of ink.  It has the trans flag colors in it.  So I told both of my coworkers who were standing nearby that it reps trans stuff, and one asked for a further explanation.  So I told her, lmao.  I kind of unloaded on her in a short period of time about all three of my issues, and how I’m working to control each.  Medical transition, in terms of hrt, for now. Continuing with the meds for my Crohn’s and my bipolar disorder.

After that, I asked her about her beau, and we talked for a bit.  She(coworker) has a great beau story!

So more people are in on the not-so-secret now.  Maybe, I will put this website out there for public consumption.  Well, that is already the case, as anyone can get to these pages.  It’s not like we are set to private here.  The problem is that my web addy is dense enough as to not have many people who are just swinging by.  Usually, if someone reads this blog, it’s because they are trans, or know me personally.Maybe it’s time to liven up my FB.  What do you think?

Oh, one more thing.  It is getting increasingly harder to keep this away from my parents. Soon, it may just spill out.  I need to be careful, as I don’t want to be like, “Happy Holidays!!! I’m trans!!!  Love and accept me!!!  And while all the above should be expected, we all know that sometimes best laid plans go awry.

So, with that, I’m signing off.  Have a good day, people of the page!


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