Another FML Moment!

Some people thinnk I am smart. Sometimes, I do too.  Now is not one of those moments.  You know, there are trans women in far off worse positions than myself, women who can’t afford housing,  and definitely not hrt and doctor’s visits; yet, these women can show the world that they are women. I am hiding Just waiting for hrt to do its work. But what then? What happens when hrt actually begins to work?  Am I prepared for that?  Clothes – nope. Electro – nope. Makeup – nope. Court docs – nope(not even close).

Seems like what I am, in a small percentage, good at is banging on this keyboard, trying to empty my head so more bullshit can fill it.  And I’m done. FML!

p.s. i realize that the above does not make one female but i am going to need these things if hrt does its dance. Thems the breaks, kiddos of the page.  fucking hell, have a good day. i’m going to see rogue one, so there’s that…


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