Yuletide Blessings!!

Just a couple of pick from this morning.  I am not big on makeup, though I am going to have to get better at it, due to my beard shadow and generally uneven skin tone on my neck from years for foliculitis.  Just some lip stuff for me, please.  Ah well, guess I should practice some.  These pics are okay, but I still see guy, which kind of sucks.

An unrelated event – At work (Barnes & Noble) the other day, a little boy asked me if I was a boy or a girl.  I told him that for that day, I was a boy. The dad did a double take. I squeed inside and laughed outside. The little boy said that he wanted to be a girl. I agreed. LMAO!!! Good times!!  Bye for now, y’all.

I should mention that the dysphoria from the last few weeks has kind of waned for the time being. good good good!


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