Update With Dr. Tangpricha

Today was my check in with my Endo, Dr. Tangpricha.  As expected, there was a wait. He is a popular doc, lol.  The appointment itself was pretty quick.  He asked some questions, and determined that an increase in dosafe is probably needed. I immediately agreed, as it has been3 months since I have been on this dose.

We discussed Lupron, but that would be way too expensive at $1000 per shot!ANd that would be out of pocket! How could I swing that. Simple – I can’t. So the next step is to raise both the spiro and the E. I had blood drawn, and based on the results, we may go to injections, which is supposed to be more effective and better on the body, I believe. Don’t quote me on the last part, haha.

We also talked about the possibility of getting an orchiectomy.  this is something that I have researched before, and was already on my radar.  Orchiectomy is surgical removal of the testicles.  Understandably, most men would have a hard time at the thought of losing their balls. I, on the other hand, am not so attached to the dangly bits, and would prefer to have them gone.  As of right now, SRS is off the table for me. But the orchie will stop the production of testosterone and allow me to stop taking spiro, while also allowing the E work more effectively.

Dr. Tangpricha did check for breast growth. There is none, hahaha.  Still waiting on that. The SO did say that she has noticed that my skin is softer, which is wonderful news. That is one of the big takeaways from HRT  for me! I cannot wait for other changes!

Next appointment is not until June, but endo did say that he will be in touch frequently over the months to try and jump start the HRT.  I say word to that!  So that’s all for now. Maybe more tomorrow. Happy New Years!!!


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