Yay For Dr. Tangpricha!!!!

After the bad news that my testosterone number jumped almost 100 points between the last two blood draws, I was really going to start getting into that woe-is-me phase of my cycle. But no! Not this time!!1 Nope!!! Dr. Tangpricha to the rescue!  Once I got word of the levels, I emailed him with many question marks and exclamation points! I needed a solution quickly; just as swiftly, a solution was presented by the good doctor.  We talked about moving up on the doses of the spiro and estradiol during the last visit, and true to his word, he immediately responded to my email, stating that we needed to crush the T. Woot! So dosages have been bumped up. Spiro = 200mg x 2/day. Estradiol = 2mg x 3/day.  If this doesn’t work, I guess the default is an orchie, not that I’m complaining. It certainly would take balls!! (laughter)(headbang)(laughter)!! Okay, that’s all the jokes I’ve got for the rest of the year, hahahaha! Unless, of course, I go hypomanic or manic. At that point, I may have some excellent jokes!(wink)(wink).

After I took the 2nd of the three estradiols, I couldn’t help grinning and smiling and laughing from ear to ear. I was the cheese!! Hahahaha good times.

So that’s it for now, people of the page.  I will be updating more frequently, I hope. I guess I can update more than transition. Maybe I will write a tea post. We’ll see. Until then, ta ta!


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