Upset Tummy And Other Things

I think I am getting used to the increase in dosage for my hrt.  I am still getting an upset tummy, but I’ve had to endure worse so I’ll live.  Slightly uncomfortable but that’s all (at least, that’s what I keep telling myself).

The E high seems to have subsided a bit.  Generally, I have been in a great mood. Not a GREAT mood, hahaha. Meaning, no manic episodes coming on; just a flood of estrogen and an AA drizzugs!

I still feel like testosterone is the overriding drug in my system right now. I know it will take time.  I think I need to make plans to visit Eli again, and soon.  I may really have to get this orchie. It will definitely save my liver and cut out the testosterone. Of course, it is permanent. But I want that – right!?!?!?! RIGHT, I THINK.  HAHAHAHA nah I just need to weigh all the options.  Maybe I will make a pro/con list like Rory Gilmore.  I think it is healthy to not be 100% without weighing all options, ya know? Once everything has been talked over with Eli and SS and Dr. Tangpricha and my inner goddess, we should plow forward. Oh, I guess I forgot the urologist. I have two recommendations from Dr. Tangpricha. They are both near my house, so that is a plus.  They are both women, another plus. Both must be really competent in handling trans patients to be recommended by Dr. Tangpricha!  Another plus.  All in all, this is definitely a good thing. As of right now, I don’t want GRS/GCS/SRS (of which I will be using SRS. My blog, my acronyms.). Getting a bilateral orchie leaves open the possibility for SRS in the future, if I choose to go that route. That expensive, painful, horribly invasive, but so, so necessary for so many people surgery is extremely scary to me, given that a hospital stay in 2007 almost killed me (not a joke).  Not like an orchie is a walk-in-the-park type of surgery either. But somehow, I can handle the orchie.  In my headspace, an orchie is necessary, or increasingly becoming so. Full SRS is too expensive, too invasive, and for me, not currently needed, in terms of dysphoria.

And that’s all folks. I’m off to brew a cup of English Breakfast tea!  Have a good day, readers of the page!


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