Over Excited?

Last night when I got off work and walked back into The LBC, I was a whirling dervish, moving this way and that.  Of course, it was because I was getting ready to have my first injection, yay!!!

The SO got the brunt of my energetic return home and she wasn’t too happy.  I think her being tired, in combination with my obnoxiousness combined to her feeling ambivalent? Not too sure about the last part, and the SO is an introvert; drawing information can sometimes take a minute while she collects her thoughts. Me, and not so good sometimes, just starts talking lol and moving lol and generally being a pest.

But come on!! I had an excellent reason to be hyped!!  Foiled by Publix.  That’s okay because in two hours and a few minutes, I will be calling the pharmacy to see if they have my damn drawing needles!! Fuckers!!  They aren’t very kind over at that pharmacy.  Makes me want to drive (the 1.5 miles) out of my way to my old pharmacy.  Not just yet though.  I will give my new pharmacy techs and pharmacists a chance.

Anyway, ta ta for now, readers of the page!  I will be updating, hopefully, later on this evening!


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