Twenty Four (Almost) Hours Later

Almost twenty four hours on from my first dose of im liquid e and The SO thought it might be a good idea to catalog some of the changes, both immediate, and in the future. I disagreed at the time, but now – SO knows best! lololol!!! Anyway, see some stuff below.

The injection itself was painless and blood-free.  Egg should be a nurse of phlebotomist.  Throughout the night, however, I could feel some pain in the area of the injection.  No, pain is not the right word.  It is more like a bruise.  My tummy has been wonky all day, but that could be because of the lack of food.  I don’t think so because this started last night, as well.

Last night, I was definitely “high” on liquid e.  Aside, from my tummy feeling like it was floating or cramping or both at the same time, I was also feeling high in the head.  Maybe it was from the mary jane, but somehow, i doubt it.  I know the difference between a weed high and another fantastic beast altogether!  Nothing else, as of yet that I can think of.  If anything does pop up, I will edit this post to reflect it.

Thanks for reading, people of the page.  TTFN!!

EDIT:  I’m feeling great!!! Well, buzzed may be the better word! I ate a sleeve of Ritz to calm my belly and got a huge buzz instead!  Liquid E is going to be fun!! Time: 4:26est


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