Smoothed Out, And Other Things

So, the Liquid E ride seems to have levels out a bit from the the up down nature of the first few days.  I would get extreme highs, like I was stupid stoned. Then there would be a mellowing out; not necessarily  depression, or anything approaching that.  More like a leveling out of that high.

Emotionally, I feel great.  I think most of the doubts I had about transition have disappeared for the time being.  I’m sure that is 75% hrt and 25% suggestion, hahahahaha.  But, it works for me.  No negativity.

I definitely need to get back to Heidi so I can get some hair follicles zapped.  I hear it hurts more after starting hrt. I had already stated when I started electo so hopefully it won’t hurt so bad.  I bought a new razor from dollar shave club. It is the first time I was able use a shaver with four razors. It used to be that my face and neck would develop these unsightly and rather painful pustules. Foliculitits, I thin it is called.  Or something like that.

Okay, 4:35 in the am.  I am going to brew some tea and have a smoke.  I assume it is okay to smoke as well as take these meds.  My docs ALL KNOW and not one of them has said anything against it.  I assume that if it was cigs, it might be  different story, ya smell me?

Anyway, time for that tea. Sip slowly, friends.

p.s. is it bad that I want to take some oral E too…


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