The Deed Is Done

You betcha!  I did the damn thing!  I handed my mother the coming out letter earlier today.  Me and the SO went to see a Friends new house (beautiful, btw) and called my parents on the way back.  Mom  was home, so SO and I hung out for about an  hour, just shooting the shit.

While SO and mom were chatting, I went out to the leaf and got the letter, brought it inside , and left it on the washing machine.  I then went back in to continue the conversation.   At some point, mom asked me about the cardigan that I was wearing. She wanted to know if it was mine or SOs, lol!  I told her the truth – it was mine!  She didn’t really ask too much more after that, so that was good.  She also showed us an article about Jaden Smith and his cross-dressing ways.  Me and SO are picking up on her vibes. That’s why I gave her the letter. the vibe was right.  It was flowing nicely.  Sure, in that moment before I gave it to her, there was a slight hesitation, I’ll admit.  But not enough to stop me.  I’m not sure what pushed me to share today, but I really am going to have to see Eli again soon,  maybe within the next three weeks.

Anyway, I am sure I will have more thoughts like – what the fuck is my father going to think?

Okay, that’s it for now, readers of the page.  Until next time,



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