Thinking Back To The Beginning

The beginning of my second transition attempt started with the death of Leelah Alcorn.  She was a young transitioner who committed suicide. Her reasons notwithstanding,  I knew that if I didn’t try again then suicide would be my future.

Here’s the thing.  Right noe,  I feel great!  I feel like transition is the right thing for me and my sanity.  I haven’t felt any serious bipolar highs or lows. Rather,  life is smelling and looking rosey.  That doesn’t mean I don’t have problems; it does mean that I am handling those problems with a more level head.  Other stuff,  just slides off me.  Wearing women’s clothing and getting called sir.- rolls right off for now.

Anyway,  this is a scattered welcome post to all the new readers flooding to these pages,  lololol!

Okay,  I have been up all night to watch the Aussie Open.  Great match, and it is still going on – 5the set.  Ttfn!


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